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Your data is precious. Secure your website in just a few minutes

Protect yourself from unexpected website crashes. Add CodeGuard and get automatic cloud backup for your website and database.

Website backup that just works

automatic backups

Automatic backups

CodeGuard works behind the scenes. Which means you can turn it on and sit back while CodeGuard takes regular backups of your data.

hassle free backups

Hassle-free setup

Since CodeGuard is cloud-based, setting it up is a snap – simply add your website connection details to start the backup process.

30 day money back guarantee

30-day Money-back guarantee

Try out CodeGuard and see how easy it is to secure your website. With our 30-day Money-back period, you've got nothing to lose.

How it works

Connect your website

Connect your website

Connect your website to CodeGuard using your SFTP/MySQL information. Once connected, an initial backup will start automatically.


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Get regular backup updates

Get regular backup updates

CodeGuard automatially monitors your website's files & databases for changes, performs backups and notifies you by email.


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Restore from any point

Restore from any point

Restore your website's files & database to any previous backup version by downloading a zip file, performing an automatic restore or restoring individual files.

Note:Only MySQL databases are currently supported. Learn more about CodeGuard

Select a plan for your website

Price $AUD (inc GST)

Price $USD

Customers love CodeGuard!

More than 200,000 websites and databases use CodeGuard



CodeGuard FAQs

Listed below are some Frequently Asked Questions for CodeGuard.
Q. What is CodeGuard?
CodeGuard is a service that provides an automatic website / database backup solution. It monitors your website / database regularly. If any changes are detected, it will notify you about the changes and backup your website / database. It also allows you to restore your website / database to a previous version.
Q. How does CodeGuard connect to my website?
If your website is hosted on Auzzie.Biz Domain Services's Linux servers, use the SFTP option. Also, you must use the default FTP user that comes with your cPanel account. You cannot connect to CodeGuard using any other FTP user. For Auzzie.Biz Domain Services's Windows servers, use the FTP option.
In case of other hosting providers, you can choose either the FTP or SFTP option, based on your service provider's settings.
Q. Wouldn't the hosting provider's backup suffice?
Hosting companies tend to keep your backups in the same place as your primary files. In case of any eventuality, along with your primary files, your backups too will be affected. CodeGuard provides safe, offsite backup that is 100% independent from your hosting provider.
Moreover, hosting companies provide you only the latest backup. CodeGuard follows a versioning system and allows you to restore a backup of an earlier date as well.
Q. After I add a website, how do I change what files are backed up?
After you add a website, any new files or directories that you add to your site will automatically backed up. CodeGuard will only exclude files and directories that you don't select when adding your website. If you need to change how your website is backed up, you need to delete and re-add your website. However, this should be handled with care as you will lose your backups. This option is only recommended if you have just added your website.
Q. What types of database are supported for backup?
CodeGuard only supports MySQL database.
Q. What database user permissions are needed to backup and restore?

The database user that you specify in CodeGuard must have the appropriate permissions granted. It is recommended that the user has the permissions for both backup and restore actions:

  • Backup
    • Select
    • Show View
    • Show Databases
  • Restore
    • Select
    • Update
    • Insert
    • Delete
    • Drop
    • Create
    • Alter
    • Index
Q. Where are the backups stored?
Backups are stored on Amazon Web Services Simple Storage System, known as S3. S3 boasts object durability levels of 99.999999999%, achieved by storing redundant copies of data across multiple geographies and facilities. S3 is not the cheapest alternative for data storage, but it is one of the most reliable.
Q. How does CodeGuard store data? Is it encrypted?
Data stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is stored utilizing Server Side Encryption (SSE). AWS handles key management and key protection for us, with one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256).
Q. What is the privacy policy with regards to data captured by CodeGuard?
CodeGuard's privacy policy can be located here.
Q. How long are the backups stored in the CodeGuard account?
By default, only 90 days of backups are stored. You can choose to retain all backups, from the Backup Retention Settings section in the ACCOUNT SETTINGS view. You can navigate to this view through the SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT menu, within your CodeGuard account.



Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP for SSL Certificate. Dedicated IP can be added either at the time of placing your Order or from your control Panel after your account has been setup.



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Code Guard


Protect yourself from unexpected website crashes. Add CodeGuard and get automatic cloud backup for your website and database.
Get CodeGuard for just AUD2.75/mo


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